Cristiano Ronaldo Look Book – Undercut

Let us begin with his face cut. So Cristiano Ronaldo has an oval face shape which is considered one of the most versatile facial structure simply because men with an oval face can pull off multiple spectacles, frames, sunglasses and even hairstyles. This must have been one of the main reasons why he could pull off any funky look or hairstyles, especially undercut hairstyle.

However, he also did so with a good thought! All of his popular styles are the ones wherein he has combined his fancy style statement with an undercut. Why so? Well an undercut essentially gives you flatter sides and a lifted crown. This not only compliments your oval face structure but also makes you look tall.

Using this to his utmost benefit, Ronaldo often paired his risqué looks with a simple and humble undercut and could pull off any style. When this got done, he started getting interesting even with his undercut by opting for interesting razor technique to create cool looks and designs.

It is one thing to understand what style suits you but whole other ball game when it comes to creating interesting looks for yourself. His looks have always been unique, personalized and risqué!

pictures of ronaldo's undercut haircuts

Cristiano Ronaldo Look Book – Undercut
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Cristiano Ronaldo Look Book – Undercut
Of the many looks that he pulled off, this was his companion style statement and find out why this style rocks!
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