The Layers Style

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There are several ways to style a mane because it is versatile and simply free flowing. Here are some of the style options you may consider to find the perfect look for yourself!

1.The mane as is, is also a unique style statement in itself. It is causing a stir in the fashion world and has yet no been identified as a common style statement. It is thus the best time to opt for this look

2.Half pony or half bun is yet another cool option to style the mane. This gives you enough room to enjoy your mane as well as keep it in order with the half tie!

3.A full bun or a full braid is another way to go about with this look after a whole day pulling of the mane. You can easily transition into both these styles and alter the appearance in an instance.

4.Layers is yet another option for you. You can go for shorter layers that will fall over your face and frame it the right way.  This is a simple and comfortable look for men who enjoy simplistic style.

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The Layers Style
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The Layers Style
Layers is the most basic style for men especially men with longer hair and here we break down this style staple for you!
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