Hair-Spiration Ronaldo!

Ronaldo is a footballer. Footballers have a reputation to maintain and an obligation towards their fans. They need to stand out and show their cool side more often. This ensures they remain in the limelight and also a pubic favorite.

Another reason is that Ronaldo does have scanty hair and the growth is also not that great so this essentially puts him last in the hairstyle game and he overcame this issue by creating iconic looks of his own that are more compatible with his hair type. This is possible only when you are open to experimentation. Pretty sure his hair dresser had a field day every time Ronaldo sat on the chair.

Also, as a footballer, you are always in front of cameras sweaty and awkward. Apart from that, you have a million bad angles that cannot go unnoticed. A good style helps to take the heat off and shift the focus to you as a style icon.

pictures of ronaldo inspired hairstyles

Hair-Spiration Ronaldo!
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Hair-Spiration Ronaldo!
This guy must have given a shot at every hairstyle under the sun and here is the actual reason why such styles were his passion!
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