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    This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

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    What Face Structures Can Pull Off The Spiky Look?

    best spiky looks for different face structure

    The spikes look is basically an edgy style that will essentially elongate your face structure so guys with square shaped face can pull off this look the best but also guys with round and diamond shaped face structure can opt for this look.

    This look can be altered for different face structures in a manner that you restrict your spikes to a certain patch based on your face shape so if you have a wider forehead then you can create this hairstyle for the forehead region and not the sides but shorter than your forehead by a small margin to create the illusion of a smaller forehead, or if you have a narrow forehead you can create a full front line spikey hairstyle minus the sides but extend the spikes mildly beyond the actual forehead to create the illusion of a bigger forehead. You can also create spikes and swoop down that layer right over your forehead if you are conscious about the length or size of your forehead and use your hair to cover that part up. There are multiple variations and thus multiple styling options for the spikes.

    pictures of ronaldo's undercut haircuts
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    Hairstyles Complimenting Cristiano Ronaldo’s Face Structure

    best looks of ronaldo on his face structure

    Ronaldo has an oval facial structure. An oval face is when the length from your forehead to chin is more than the length from your cheekbone to another. It is usually more but in oval facial structure the length from forehead to chin is almost 1 and a half times more.

    This facial structure is very versatile because it is neither edgy nor sharp not very round. It is a basic facial structure that can ensure you do not look too out of place even if you try some funky styles. But then there is always the element that some styles suit him much more than the others. Because he has an oval facial structure, his face is basically a slim and narrow one. In this case one can go for styles that focus in the crown area and give definition to his narrow face as well as cheekbones.

    Apart from this, the hair type also matters. Ronaldo has thin hair and not a very thick growth as well. That is why he opts for shorter styles only. Also it is much more professional for him as a footballer.

    The facial structure is a strong element that has a positive impact on his looks but there are surely several other factors that play role in ensuring that his final look is that of a true icon!

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    Hair-Spiration By Ronaldo!

    Hair-spiration by ronaldo

    Inspirations By Ronaldo!

    Ronaldo is a footballer. Footballers have a reputation to maintain and an obligation towards their fans. They need to stand out and show their cool side more often. This ensures they remain in the limelight and also a pubic favorite.

    Another reason is that Ronaldo does have scanty hair and the growth is also not that great so this essentially puts him last in the hairstyle game and he overcame this issue by creating iconic looks of his own that are more compatible with his hair type. This is possible only when you are open to experimentation. Pretty sure his hair dresser had a field day every time Ronaldo sat on the chair.

    Also, as a footballer, you are always in front of cameras sweaty and awkward. Apart from that, you have a million bad angles that cannot go unnoticed. A good style helps to take the heat off and shift the focus to you as a style icon.

    The Ronaldo Life Hack!

    It is so difficult to get every look absolutely perfect each time like Ronaldo and sure there are secrets to every flawless look. All celebs use extremely specific and unique techniques for their best looks. In this situation the style hacks used for hairstyles is obviously most important because that is one department where men often tend to fail miserably and it ends up ruining the whole look for the day/evening!

    Ronaldo is notorious for his sexy styles that are always interesting and unique. he is known to give life to several, now iconic, looks. How does he manage the styles so easily?

    Well the simple trick here is balance. he is a professional footballer and a good one at that. thus he needs a style that will give him all the comfort on the field. To make sure there is no goof up, Ronaldo always makes it a point to opt for styles that are short. So he combines all his looks with an undercut or fade. Very rarely will you see him with long hairstyles. The best part about this trick is that having an oval facial structure he always opts for styles that will raise the level of his crown like Mohawk or pompadour and thus all his styles look unique, are comfortable and very iconic!

    The Versatile Ronaldo Hairstyle Secret

    This guy can do no wrong when it comes to hairstyles and there is surely one very important secret why he pulls it off so well. Ronaldo has an oval shaped facial structure. This makes his face very versatile and that is the main reason why he can pull off almost any hairstyle. He has experimented enough for us to claim that he can do no wrong when it comes to hairstyles!

    This being said, while your genetics give you the much needed push when it comes to hairstyles, it is also the grooming and maintenance that matters. Ronaldo is known for his hair grooming and hair regime. Good eating habits, hair care and hygiene are the main reasons why his genetically wonderful hair remained so wonderful through all the styles.

    The final reason is that he has a good sense of judgement. Ronaldo didn’t just go crazy and opt for any style that he saw. His hairstyles have always been styled by professionals and the final look is always on par with his face structure. Despite him having a versatile structure, it is about the well thought final look that is always compatible with his face, that makes him the ultimate icon!

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    Hairstyle Looks By Cristiano Ronaldo

    Hairstyle looks by cristiano ronaldo

    Ronaldo + Mohawk – The Perfect Combination

    Ronaldo is the style icon for the Mohawk. He is the poster boy Mohawk style icon for that matter and there is no other person that can pull off this style as well as he does. There is a very particular type of Mohawk that he usually opts for and here is what Ronaldo’s signature style is.

    He always opts for a Mohawk that can be more specifically categorized as a faux Mohawk meaning a false Mohawk. This is so because his Mohawk is short and almost flat. it is more like spikes combined with Mohawk. Being a footballer he needs to maintain a short length and thus this is his preferred style but the trick here is to make the Mohawk appear taller than it is by opting for an undercut. This makes the crown appear stronger than it actually is.

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Lines Haircut

    The icon for football and also an inspiration to men that finally dragged men into the fashion game which is pre dominantly rules over by women! This guy has pulled almost every look under the sun and has also come up with the most amazing combinations! There are so many Ronaldo styles that are surely recognized by his face only.

    But this was never just a combination of good styles or some great haircuts! The important take away is self-confidence! He opted for any look that he wanted to and that is what inspired several risky yet super successful hairstyles which started a trend amongst men over the world to take more notice of the grooming habits.

    His most iconic risk are the lines! He will always opt for a centre part, a side part but sometimes he would try a new path and trace some lines on his hairstyle. This is a smart and sexy move that received a lot of attention as well as affection from the loyal fans!

    Ronaldo’s Side Hairstyle Looks

    One of the most important reason why Cristiano Ronaldo is where he is, its because of hard work. But let us just say that an open mind to fashion only gave him better avenues! The trademark Ronaldo side style is the experiments that he did with his sides.

    Always combining his cool looks with undercut, this guy then altered the basic idea of an undercut all together. The uniqueness that you can bring into your own hairstyle with a hint of risk is what alters the game entirely. He is popularly known as the hairstyle icon because of the dash of risqué styles he experimented with.

    You will always find an edginess in his look and that was always focused around the sides. One important reason is that footballers are shot from all angles and more so from sides because they are on the field running. This is his good angle. Also, he knows he has a sexy side profile making his style even more irresistible.

    That being said, some of the basic styles that might inspire you is an undercut with some simple razor action, funky side burns, interesting parting are all elements of a cool new look and everyone can surely give it a short even if so in a small magnitude!

    Cristiano Ronaldo Look Book – Undercut

    Let us begin with his face cut. So Cristiano Ronaldo has an oval face shape which is considered one of the most versatile facial structure simply because men with an oval face can pull off multiple spectacles, frames, sunglasses and even hairstyles. This must have been one of the main reasons why he could pull off any funky look or hairstyles, especially undercut hairstyle.

    However, he also did so with a good thought! All of his popular styles are the ones wherein he has combined his fancy style statement with an undercut. Why so? Well an undercut essentially gives you flatter sides and a lifted crown. This not only compliments your oval face structure but also makes you look tall.

    Using this to his utmost benefit, Ronaldo often paired his risqué looks with a simple and humble undercut and could pull off any style. When this got done, he started getting interesting even with his undercut by opting for interesting razor technique to create cool looks and designs.

    It is one thing to understand what style suits you but whole other ball game when it comes to creating interesting looks for yourself. His looks have always been unique, personalized and risqué!

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    Most Iconic Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles

    Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles

    There are very few popular figures that can actually get into the fashion game and rock the show with some really bold fashion moves. One of the most inspirational personalities is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the pioneer into hairstyle game when it comes to interesting looks and here are the styles that he revamped and transformed into actual looks!

    1.The undercut is the most popular Cristiano Ronaldo signature style! He pairs up all his interesting looks with the undercut because this is a bold yet steady and smart style statement. It is versatile and perfectly frames his head structure for the smart look.

    2.The Mohawk truly came back into fashion because of Ronaldo. He revived the Mohawk and revamped this style statement. This was his signature look for a very long period of time! He pulled it off with really great sense of fashion and combinations

    3.The young Ronaldo always knew his place. He knew what styles will work for him and what wont. While going for the spikes, he never realized that this move will make him the fashion icon as well as inspiration for men also to get into this fashion game pre dominated by women!

    4.The sides are his charm. You will always find an interesting side styles sharply with one fine definitive look that requires a great deal of self-confidence and commitment. His sides are always interesting and higher than just a basic undercut!

    5.Finally we come to the hair color. His hair color game is strong and yet never over powering. He goes only as far as he can pull off with humility and does not go overboard with either fashion or colors!

    Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts
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    Top 5 Ronaldo Looks For Men To Replicate!

    best Ronaldo Looks

    Ronaldo is unique and elegant with his styles. His style statement is interesting as well as charming and not to forget, absolutely attractive and irresistible to women. Along with that his styles are also very convenient for a professional footballer.

    1.Let us begin with his most iconic style and that is the faux Mohawk. this is a style wherein he combines an undercut with a short Mohawk for a sexy look.

    2.Let us move towards a more laid back style and that brings us to a simple side part with an undercut. this style is elegant but the undercut gives it a unique twist.

    3.Next we move on to the funky sides. Ronaldo holds a record in maintaining interesting sides for his hairstyles. a good use of razor to make the undercut far more interesting is his go to step for an instantly unique style

    4.Ronaldo is also notorious for his use of hair color. Often combining the spikes or Mohawk with colored tips or even highlights. This style statement was a big hit with many fans following in his footsteps thus making hair color popular again amongst men!

    5.The pompadour Mohawk is yet another wonderful Cristiano creation. In this style what he did was combined the Mohawk style or rather the spikes in a short pompadour creating a whole new unique style which is considered as one of the best looks for men with oval face structure such as his!

    pictures of ronaldo's best looks
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    The 3 Versions Of Spikes Hairstyle For Men Elevate Their Look

    popular versions of spikes

    Spikes hairstyles are life changing style statement for most men. It is not only a unique style but also very youthful because it was made popular by college goers. It is a very cool look and here are the three version of spikes hairstyles. There are several other version but these are the three basic versions of this look.

    1) Long spikes

    Long spikes, as the name suggests, are the version of spikes where in the length of the hair is pretty long and by long I mean about 3-4 inches at least. This is obviously a very unprofessional and youthful style statement. It is also the most popular look when it comes to spikes and most distinctive style option for guys.

    2) Short spikes

    These are the exact opposite of the long spikes and while the long spikes are popular, short spikes are most common and have always been. It is very difficult to grow out and maintain long hair as well as transform them into spikes so men shifted to the shorter version which can be really really short limitlessly.

    3) Medium length spikes

    The medium length spikes are the clear balance between long and short versions. This is a very extreme trend and the middle base was established to create a balance between the two extremes. It is a funky and cool style statement that can create a very impressive look.

    It is very important to understand that there are always several other variations for spikes like complete spikes wherein all your hair is spiked up or just the front is or you create a faux Mohawk. Also, spikes are suitable even for curly hair just take the example of Justin timberlake.

    pictures of different versions of spikes
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    How To Achieve A Perfect Fade Haircut

    Fade haircut men

    There are steps to achieve every different kinds of looks and the same applies even for your hair styles. The can be achieved in a very simple format by following the basic steps that can help you create the perfect fade haircut for your face structure.

    The First Step is to decide what kind of fade you want to go for. Go for a side fade or you can opt for a back fade. Once you have decided what type of food you want to go for the next step is to identify how many layers you want to go for. The point is that first you need to make all the decisions and finalize your look and the final look that you are aiming for.

    The next step is to decide what hairstyle are you going to combine with your fade. Once all the decisions have been made the next step is to wash your hair clean. Now we need to take the trimmer and start trimming your hair and transforming it into the fade by carefully following the direction that you have created for yourself based on the final look. The advice is that you should go to a professional hair dresser for the first time so that you can understand how the fade is achieved. This is a very simple hairstyle and can be easily achieved even at home so this makes the fade a must try.

    How To Achieve The Fade haircut men
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