Fine hairs are a problem even for men with curly hair because receding hairline is basically a universal problem. However the good news is that it is easier to compensate for the thinning hair if you have curls rather than with straight hair. Here are the 3 styles you should opt for:

1) The undercut

This style is truly marvelous as it is an ideal solution for men with straight or curly hair. The sides are anyway trimmed and the top can be even more elevated with the volume and density of curls. Make sure you avoid using a comb to style your hair and instead just run your fingers through your hair for the style. This will ensure the volume remains strong.

2) The faux Mohawk

The faux Mohawk is truly a style for curly haired men only. It is a short Mohawk with really finely trimmed sides. This style will not only make up for the receding hairline but do so in the most stylish fashion there exists!

3) The pompadour

Men with straight and fine hair cannot possibly imagine this style but those with curls can totally go for this look. Make sure the top is not well set rather it is ruffled and the sides are well faded. this will make your receding hairline disappear to some extent and also bank on your curls.

This post was published on September 18, 2019 6:50 am