Hair oiling is a lost art. This technique helps get stronger and thicker hair. It is very important for men with scanty hair or going through hair fall and hair line receding problems. This is a trick you can either use at night and sleep over or use as a replacement for hair gel and pull it off even for a day look but remember that oil is surely sticky so you need to make sure you do not use more than a few drops.

Another important tip is to use natural oil only so your options are coconut, almond and flower oils like jasmine and lavender. Make sure your hair oil smells right because a stinky one will ruin your whole day and make you the joke of the town! Also if you use in very small quantities so about 2-3 drops is enough! But if you are going to sleep over it then you can be a bit less conservative and a bit more lavish.

It is very important to rub your oil in but very gently or you will cause hair breakage. Massage your scalp a little after applying oil for best results. Also you can use a bit warmed up oil rather than room temperature. This will give you even better results!

This post was published on July 19, 2019 4:25 am