5 Quick & Easy Ponytail Hacks Men Should Know About!

Ponytail hacks for men
Quick & Easy Ponytail Hacks Men Should Know About!

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Easy Ponytail Hacks Men Should Know About!

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Ponytail is a style that is much easy to master as compared to any other trending hairstyles. It is even easier than the man bun and that is saying something!

Here are some more hacks to make the experience even more convenient.

1)  You can use hair spray in reverse direction i.e. pick out a layer of hair and spray it in the back region. This will help you create more volume. Make sure you do not over use the hair spray.

Ponytail Hacks For Men In 2019

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2) Another trick is to blow dry your hair again in the reverse direction by brushing from the nape of your neck to the crown. This also acts as a volumizer­­.

3) You can ensure that your pony tail will last you all day long by this cool hack. All you have to do is apply some hair spray to your rubber band before you use it to tie your hair and once you are done, it will stay put!

4) You can use a strand of your hair and wrap it over your rubber band to hide the rubber band as well as for a stylish look. This can be secured with the help of bobby pins. Again using bobby pins sprayed on with hair spray will make them stay in longer!

5) Finally, a very important trick is to brush your hair before and after the pony tail. Use a plain rubber band to avoid crimping and the brushing will also help get rid of any bumps created by the pony tail.

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