The Modern Spike Style For Men To Try In 2019


Modern spike style are the ones wherein you add the side fade to your spikes. This look is sexy, charming and mature. There are variations for this look by adding an undercut instead of fade or keeping the spikes at different lengths but the combination is what gives it the modern day twist.

modern day spike

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This look requires efforts and maintenance so is not the cup of tea for every man but if you love a good style statement and love to be fashion forward then this is one look you will not regret. It is a great style option for men with edgy face like square, rectangular etc. Men with diamond shaped face can also opt for this look and obviously the oval face structure can go for this style because it is anyway versatile!


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What Is The Modern Spike Style?
Article Name
What Is The Modern Spike Style?
Modern spikes are distinct style statement and how can one go for a modern look?
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