Ronaldo + Mohawk

Ronaldo is the style icon for the Mohawk. He is the poster boy Mohawk style icon for that matter and there is no other person that can pull off this style as well as he does. There is a very particular type of Mohawk that he usually opts for and here is what Ronaldo’s signature style is.

He always opts for a Mohawk that can be more specifically categorized as a faux Mohawk meaning a false Mohawk. This is so because his Mohawk is short and almost flat. it is more like spikes combined with Mohawk. Being a footballer he needs to maintain a short length and thus this is his preferred style but the trick here is to make the Mohawk appear taller than it is by opting for an undercut. This makes the crown appear stronger than it actually is.

pictures of ronaldo's mohawk looks

Ronaldo + Mohawk
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Ronaldo + Mohawk
Ronaldo managed to make Mohawk cool again and in a way made this look famous. Find out how this style got so popular
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