Top 5 Ronaldo Looks For Men To Replicate!

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Ronaldo is unique and elegant with his styles. His style statement is interesting as well as charming and not to forget, absolutely attractive and irresistible to women. Along with that his styles are also very convenient for a professional footballer.

1.Let us begin with his most iconic style and that is the faux Mohawk. this is a style wherein he combines an undercut with a short Mohawk for a sexy look.

2.Let us move towards a more laid back style and that brings us to a simple side part with an undercut. this style is elegant but the undercut gives it a unique twist.

3.Next we move on to the funky sides. Ronaldo holds a record in maintaining interesting sides for his hairstyles. a good use of razor to make the undercut far more interesting is his go to step for an instantly unique style

4.Ronaldo is also notorious for his use of hair color. Often combining the spikes or Mohawk with colored tips or even highlights. This style statement was a big hit with many fans following in his footsteps thus making hair color popular again amongst men!

5.The pompadour Mohawk is yet another wonderful Cristiano creation. In this style what he did was combined the Mohawk style or rather the spikes in a short pompadour creating a whole new unique style which is considered as one of the best looks for men with oval face structure such as his!

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Top 5 Ronaldo Looks!
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Top 5 Ronaldo Looks!
Here are some of his most iconic looks and styles that one should opt for especially if you have the same facial structure.
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