33 Cool Hairstyle Looks By Cristiano Ronaldo

Hairstyle looks by cristiano ronaldo
Hairstyle Ideas By Cristiano Ronaldo
Hairstyle Looks By Cristiano Ronaldo
Hairstyle By Cristiano Ronaldo!
Hairstyles By Cristiano Ronaldo!
Hairstyle Looks By Cristiano Ronaldo!

Ronaldo + Mohawk – The Perfect Combination

Ronaldo is the style icon for the Mohawk. He is the poster boy Mohawk style icon for that matter and there is no other person that can pull off this style as well as he does. There is a very particular type of Mohawk that he usually opts for and here is what Ronaldo’s signature style is.


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He always opts for a Mohawk that can be more specifically categorized as a faux Mohawk meaning a false Mohawk. This is so because his Mohawk is short and almost flat. it is more like spikes combined with Mohawk. Being a footballer he needs to maintain a short length and thus this is his preferred style but the trick here is to make the Mohawk appear taller than it is by opting for an undercut. This makes the crown appear stronger than it actually is.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Lines Haircut

The icon for football and also an inspiration to men that finally dragged men into the fashion game which is pre dominantly rules over by women! This guy has pulled almost every look under the sun and has also come up with the most amazing combinations! There are so many Ronaldo styles that are surely recognized by his face only.

But this was never just a combination of good styles or some great haircuts! The important take away is self-confidence! He opted for any look that he wanted to and that is what inspired several risky yet super successful hairstyles which started a trend amongst men over the world to take more notice of the grooming habits.

His most iconic risk are the lines! He will always opt for a centre part, a side part but sometimes he would try a new path and trace some lines on his hairstyle. This is a smart and sexy move that received a lot of attention as well as affection from the loyal fans!

Ronaldo’s Side Hairstyle Looks

One of the most important reason why Cristiano Ronaldo is where he is, its because of hard work. But let us just say that an open mind to fashion only gave him better avenues! The trademark Ronaldo side style is the experiments that he did with his sides.

Always combining his cool looks with undercut, this guy then altered the basic idea of an undercut all together. The uniqueness that you can bring into your own hairstyle with a hint of risk is what alters the game entirely. He is popularly known as the hairstyle icon because of the dash of risqué styles he experimented with.

You will always find an edginess in his look and that was always focused around the sides. One important reason is that footballers are shot from all angles and more so from sides because they are on the field running. This is his good angle. Also, he knows he has a sexy side profile making his style even more irresistible.

That being said, some of the basic styles that might inspire you is an undercut with some simple razor action, funky side burns, interesting parting are all elements of a cool new look and everyone can surely give it a short even if so in a small magnitude!

Cristiano Ronaldo Look Book – Undercut

Let us begin with his face cut. So Cristiano Ronaldo has an oval face shape which is considered one of the most versatile facial structure simply because men with an oval face can pull off multiple spectacles, frames, sunglasses and even hairstyles. This must have been one of the main reasons why he could pull off any funky look or hairstyles, especially undercut hairstyle.

However, he also did so with a good thought! All of his popular styles are the ones wherein he has combined his fancy style statement with an undercut. Why so? Well an undercut essentially gives you flatter sides and a lifted crown. This not only compliments your oval face structure but also makes you look tall.

Using this to his utmost benefit, Ronaldo often paired his risqué looks with a simple and humble undercut and could pull off any style. When this got done, he started getting interesting even with his undercut by opting for interesting razor technique to create cool looks and designs.

It is one thing to understand what style suits you but whole other ball game when it comes to creating interesting looks for yourself. His looks have always been unique, personalized and risqué!


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