3 Celebrity Inspired Sleek Hairstyles For Men To Try

Find Out The Best Celebrity Inspired Sleek Hairstyles

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3 Celebrity Inspired Sleek Hairstyles For Men To Try
3 Celebrity Inspired Sleek Hairstyles For Men To Try!

The side sweep, front sweep and the pompadour sweep are the three styles of sleek hairstyles that will truly compliment men with straight hair but also give you a refined celebrity status.

3 Celebrity Inspired Sleek Hairstyles For Men To Try.
Celebrity Inspired Sleek Hairstyles For Men

These styles are neat and here is a breakdown of all three individually to achieve and maintain the styles:

3 Celebrity Inspired Sleek Hairstyles For Men
Celebrity Inspired Sleek Hairstyles For Men To Try

1) Side Sweep

This style is the most common and as hollywoodian as it can possibly get. This is the classic tuxedo style wherein the hair is parted from one side and the sleekness is swept on both sides from the part in opposite directions.

It is very easy to achieve this style if you are blessed with straight hair and if not; you may have to straighten it because otherwise it is difficult to achieve this level of sleekness. A good holding hair gel as well as hairspray will also help keep the style is for long.


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2) Front Sweep

Our personal favorite is the front sweep back style. In this case there is not parting and you simply sweep your hair back throughout. This style is comparatively easy to achieve but difficult to maintain if you have long hair. Let’s just say this style is for short hair length. You will require good amount of hairspray to maintain the style all day long and maybe even a hint of back combing if you want a bouncy top.


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3) Pompadour Sweep

One of the sleekest styles in the men’s hairstyle kingdom, the pompadour hairstyle is one of the most liked hairstyle out there. It may sound weird, but this hairstyle has been sported by famous personalities like Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, etc. These men set the bar for this sleek bold hairstyle. The pompadour can be personalized in order to suit different looks and face structures. It involves trimming of the sides and a long middle that is swept backwards to get the voluminous look. The traditional pompadour includes a large sweeping front and trimmed sides. Applying hair wax or gel is the best option to keep the hair in position. Try out this iconic hairstyle and rock it!

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