5 Sexy Curly Hairstyle To Make Men With Straight Hair Jealous!

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Sexy Curly Hairstyle To Make Men With Straight Hair Jealous!

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Curly Hairstyle For Men
Curly Hairstyle For Men In 2019

There are 5 hairstyles that have revived the charm of the curly hair and here we are with these styles to oomph up your natural curls. Let us give the men with straight hair a run for their money!

1) Fade with pompadour curls

This is a very neat style which comprises of faded or trimmed sides and your classic pompadour. What sets it apart from the rest is the curls. It is important that your curls are short so as to manage this style but it will truly give you a unique look like no other. Use hairspray instead of excessive hair gel because hair gel tends to sleek out the curls to some extent!

2) Undercut curls

Undercut is a style wherein the length of your hair has a stark difference in length. The sides are extremely trimmed down and the center is long and lifted up. This style is a very cool and casual look but requires a strong hair length at the center to be pulled off. With the curls, it only adds more character and depth to the style. Good amount of hair product may be required to maintain the style all day long!

3) Mohawk curls

Mohawk is yet another style which is very neat look for men. It is young and funky. This style however is all the more fun with curls. The Mohawk will not be as sharp also the hair length will be short. Curls will add more definition to the style.

4) Man bun

Men with curls must go for a man bun. This is a very sexy and irresistible look. The unmanaged curls can truly add a whole lot of charm to the basic man bun style and also add more sexuality!

5) Half pony/manbun

Curly hair should be flaunted the right way for the best look. That is where your natural style can be flaunted and sex appeal exuded through your style statement. The half pony or half man bun essentially allows you to flaunt your curls but at the same time raise the roof with the charming look. It is easy to maintain and does not require any product so this is one of the best styles to opt for.

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