Fade is a very neat hairstyle. It keeps your edges and back very clean and tidy. This is a great style for men that do not wish to have to fidget with their hair once they are out of the house and wish for their style to last all day long. Fade style can be achieved in short as well as long hair and can do so effortlessly!

3 Best Hairstyle Combinations To Compliment The Fade Style

  • The Mohawk is a very neat look with the fade. It may even be much more comfortable and sexy than going for a regular Mohawk or an undercut. Just make sure your fade is side only.
  • Finally the third best look for fade has to be the slicked back style. Go for side slick when your back is fade and a back slick when the sides are faded

This post was published on March 23, 2019 1:51 am