Learn How To Use The Trimmer In Just 4 Steps

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How To Use The Trimmer In Just 4 Steps

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Learn How To Use The Trimmer In Just 4 Steps!

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Trimmers are surely a great tool for men that love to groom their hair at home. It is a wonderful alternative if you can master the art of trimming. It will be a task to style your own hair so this tool should be used simply to retouch the styled hair rather than give yourself a new look.

Learn How To Use The Trimmer In Just 4 Steps –

1.First you need to wash and comb your hair out while its still wet. You cannot start with unwashed hair. Also you should trim immediately after the hair wash.

2.Once the hair is combed, identify the patches that require trimming. These patches will be over the ear, at the nape and front. These are the main regions where hair growth will spoil the look.


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3.Now you can use a comb for help and pull up the hair that needs to be trimmed. Set the trimmer on a low trim and get rid of the excess.

4.The most important step is that if you screw up, you must rush to the barber immediately rather than try to fix it on your own!

Don’t be afraid to experiment because the barber can always save your look with some or the other hairstyle but make sure you go for it only once and if you mess up, you rush to the barber rather than try to fix it.

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