Fade Or Undercut?

fade or undercut haircut

Generally the popular style amongst the two is the undercut style because it is the younger and less professional style of the two which also makes it cooler, confident and more unique.


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However this blog is about the pros of fade over the undercut. The first one is the fact that undercut is an immature and unprofessional style. This style is for younger guys and the older men or the more mature men will opt for fade. Also fade is obviously office friendly unless you go too wild with your style!

The second benefit of the fade is that it grows out into a very normal hairstyle whereas undercut can go very wrong once the hair starts growing so you need regular trimming! Also some men go overboard with the undercut which is just ugly!

Fade is also a very simple and achievable style. In fact most of you might have already had a back fade or side fade if you had your last haircut from a professional hair dresser. This makes the fade much more cost effective and also manageable!

undercut or fade haircut
Fade or Undercut Haircuts For Men
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Fade or Undercut Haircuts For Men
Fade or Undercut ? What style should you chose based on your face structure and background. Lean what hairstyle is your road to perfection
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