13 Hottest Fade Hairstyles Men Must Try In 2020

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3 Hottest Fade Styles For Men

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  • The pompadour fade

This is one of the most popular hairstyles because it gives every person a unique look. Pompadour is a very fun style to play with so you can find your perfect version of pompadour and actually look unique every day. In this style you will have the gradual fade styles on both sides with the lifted pompadour on top. It is a very cool new look and the fade makes the pompadour appear more voluminous.


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The Mohawk fade is a very cool look with the sexy Mohawk elevated through the side fades. It is a neat look for college freshmen and also a neat look for a casual date! This style is never out of fashion and truly a charismatic style statement.


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  • The man bun fade

This is the third super cool look for the fade style. It is hot and charming but also very easy to manage. In this style your fade is elevated with a man bun. This is a very hipster style and has to be carried off with absolute confidence!


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