5 Fine Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair


Fine hair is a problem that most men face either in account of receding hairline or hair loss or just naturally fine hair. There are many men that have naturally thin or fine or scanty hair growth and here are the 5 styles that will help you alter your thinning look!

1) The combed back style

Men who have the problem of receding hairline or scanty growth but can enjoy a long hair length should essentially go for that with the combed back style. Make sure the end of your style is perfectly trimmed and fades towards the end to make the top of the head look much more voluminous. This will surely act on the receding hairline but will do so in a suave and sexy combed back style which will throw focus on your style rather than the hairline.

1 combed back

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2) Spike

Spike is a very cool and young hairstyle which means that it gives you a youthful and charming look. This style is perfect for men with thinning hair. You can have the sides faded and even the back of your head with just the short spikes as the highlight. This is a very neat look and completely makes up for the thinning hair.

3) Faded Mohawk

The short Mohawk with faded sides is yet another stylish way to compensate for the fine hair. You can achieve a Mohawk with even the finest hair if you learn how to use the hair products wisely.

3 mohawk

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4) Combed back or romantic style

This style is romantic because it symbolizes the romantic Hollywood actors! It is a very cool and stylish way to beat the fine hair problem. You should grow out your hair long at the back and then use gel to comb back your hair with just your fingers. Comb back even the sides for a good bump. if you use a comb it will flatten out your hair so your best option is just using your fingers. You can use back combing technique if you wish to increase your hair volume.

5) The undercut

The undercut is the perfect hairstyle for men with thinning or fine hair. the sides will be trimmed short anyway so it is just the elevated to with a decent growth. Usually the top of your head does enjoy strong hair growth and you need to bank on this for the perfect hairstyle.

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