How To Get The Look – The High Ponytail

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The high ponytail is a very neat style statement. it is a look that requires some hacks for perfection!


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Few things to keep in mind to get the perfect high ponytail

1) make sure you wash your hair clean and then blow dry or air dry well.

2) Next step is to bend over, use a comb and start combing your hair backwards from the nape of your neck to the front.

This action will help increase the volume and also thickness. It is also important to ensure that your hair is completely dry.

3) Now all you need to do is hold your hair up high into a ponytail and then look up. Use an elastic band to tie the hair and then arrange your hair.

This way you will get a thick high ponytail. It is neat, easy and thick.

mens High Ponytail fashion
How To Get The Look - The High Ponytail
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How To Get The Look - The High Ponytail
High ponytail is a trendy style statement especially for a great out of bed look. So how can this look be acquired?
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