The Mane –20 Sexy & Charming Hairstyle For Men In 2020

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Mens Mane Hairstyle

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Mane Hairstyle For Men

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The mane is a sexy and charming hairstyle for men that enjoy zoning out into a different personality and bringing out the enigma and charisma. This style is very simple and yet elegant as well as irresistible. This is the look that men who love beards and braids can go for as an alternate hairstyle.

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This look comprises of just layers left open free floating making a statement as it stays just as is in its natural form. You need not straighten, iron, curl or apply any hair products. Some men do apply hair spray to ensure it lasts all day long but the same is not necessary because it will last long enough anyway as long as you have a comb handy just to keep it tidy every few hours.

This look requires a hair wash daily and just the casual attire. Although thanks to celebrities like jared leto and chris hemsworth, this style is slowly moving towards a more acceptable fashion statement and is very well a neat look for semi-formal events. You can easily transition into a  man bun or braid anytime you are done with the mane. It is the perfectly versatile style and a welcome change.

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