The most popular hairstyle for a romantic look is Ryan Gosling from the Notebook. However let us further classify the answer to this question based on different hair types! The following are different popular romantic hairstyle.

1) Short hair

Hugh grant from Noting hill is what makes the final cut despite the tempting options. And while this look is not exactly very short, it is the best one.

2) Long hair

Antonio banderas pulling off the classic curly long hair in Two much is the classic romantic look. There is no replacement. Jon Snow is the modern day reference for this look

3) Straight hair

Tom hanks in You’ve got mail and Leonardo in Titanic are the iconic straight hair looks for romantic leads that is irresistible and charming!

4) Curly hair

Again Jon Snow is the iconic male figure for romantic curly hairstyle. It is charming and attractive. Also this look is considered smooth

5) Wavy hair

Richard gere in pretty woman or even hair that reaches nape of the neck parted sideways and just left to be is a good style for men with thicker hair.

This post was published on September 28, 2019 7:25 am