5 Messy Hairstyles For The Youthful And Playful Men!

Messy Hairstyles

1) Wild and windblown top

This is a very cool messy hairstyle to begin with. It comprises of a messy or tangled or tousled top and trimmed sides. The sides are trimmed so as to give the messy top more space to accentuate the playfulness. This is a very cool style even with jackets and also it is achievable by short as well as medium hair length!


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2) Messy faux hawk

This is a modern look for men and comprises of a Mohawk just styled using your fingers and some hair product. it does not have to be definite like the Mohawk because the style is essentially untidy and sexy!

3) The side swept shag/bangs

For this style you will require medium length hair chopped into bangs that will be swept across your forehead for the cool and casual look. This style is more so messy for curly and wavy hair rather than straight and the messiness can be achieved by using your fingers instead of a comb!

side swept bangss

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4) The sexy and short layers

This style is suitable for men with wavy and curly hair. It is the classic Gerard butler flirty look with a hint of sexiness thanks to the curls or waves. You can use your hands for a basic side partition either on one or both sides like you do in the faux Mohawk for the best look.

5) The messy spikes

This look is one that has been recently discovered and is a very popular style of spikes. You must use your hair gel generously for this but the final effect is worth the effort. The spikes will be random and this style is only for short to medium length hair.

Messy Hairstyles for men

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5 Messy Hairstyles For The Youthful And Playful Men!
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5 Messy Hairstyles For The Youthful And Playful Men!
Messy hairstyles have been making runs in the fashion world from a very long time on account of its charismatic playfulness but even more so lately. Here are the 5 messy hairstyles you should bet on!
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