The 3 Versions Of Spikes Hairstyle For Men Elevate Their Look

popular versions of spikes

Spikes hairstyles are life changing style statement for most men. It is not only a unique style but also very youthful because it was made popular by college goers. It is a very cool look and here are the three version of spikes hairstyles. There are several other version but these are the three basic versions of this look.

1) Long spikes

Long spikes, as the name suggests, are the version of spikes where in the length of the hair is pretty long and by long I mean about 3-4 inches at least. This is obviously a very unprofessional and youthful style statement. It is also the most popular look when it comes to spikes and most distinctive style option for guys.

long spikes

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2) Short spikes

These are the exact opposite of the long spikes and while the long spikes are popular, short spikes are most common and have always been. It is very difficult to grow out and maintain long hair as well as transform them into spikes so men shifted to the shorter version which can be really really short limitlessly.

3) Medium length spikes

The medium length spikes are the clear balance between long and short versions. This is a very extreme trend and the middle base was established to create a balance between the two extremes. It is a funky and cool style statement that can create a very impressive look.

It is very important to understand that there are always several other variations for spikes like complete spikes wherein all your hair is spiked up or just the front is or you create a faux Mohawk. Also, spikes are suitable even for curly hair just take the example of Justin timberlake.

pictures of different versions of spikes

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The 3 Versions Of Spikes
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The 3 Versions Of Spikes
This is a face transforming life altering hairstyle and here is the basic knowledge for this style statement
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