There are several men that love to keep the head clean shaven look. There are several reasons for this. The man proposes slope because they are anyway losing their hair and wish to accept their age maturely and with attitude. Another reason to go for this look is that a clean shaven head is the new style statement in the fashion world. Some men just go for a clean shaven headphones different look. Either way there are very few styles which are actually compatible with your head. They can try mohawk with shaved head.

Here is a style for you. So you can very well continue to have the amazingly clean shaven head. But you can just add on a mohawk right at the centre. You have the option of having of paid around the mohawk so that it settles much more softly into the clean shaven head or you can opt for up basic mohawk that directly add character to your clean shaven head.

This look is bold and interesting as well as add a character to your look. This is a much more mature look because younger men are not bold enough to opt for this kind of a style statement. It is surely sexy and attractive.

This post was published on June 23, 2019 10:03 am