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3 Romantic Looks Men With Longer Hair Should Try!

best romantic looks for longer hair

There are several romantic hairstyle options but the most popular ones are the ones for longer hair length.

Find out what is in store for you if you love longer hair –

1.You have the Antonio banderas style wherein your luscious wavy hair can just be left open and use of a bit of hair gel to keep them in order will help add some more sex appeal to the look. this is a simple yet suave style and you will see him pull off this basic look with suits and blazers making it even more appealing as well as irresistible!

antonio banderas

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2.Next in line is the romantic hairstyle that brad pitt often opts for. He has straight hair and his go to is layers that extend up to the nape of the neck. He makes this look very cool by starting the layers a bit below the ear rather than from top. Jon snow also has the same look but with curly hair. So this look works for any hair type

3.Hugh Grant from Noting hill is one of the most iconic romantic looks. Surely Ryan gosling is popular and Jared Leto has some cool long hairstyles but none compare to the charm and charisma of noting hill!

pictures of romantic looks

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