The Mohawk Hairstyle – Cristiano Ronaldo Edition

popular Cristiano Ronaldo and mohawk looks

Ronaldo is a professional footballer and that requires a style that can keep up with his busy Lifestyle. He needs a look that is comfortable even on the field. He needs a style that does not require constant touch ups and does not come in the way when he is on the field. Cristiano Ronaldo has an oval shaped face structure. The best look for an oval face shape is a style that will make his face appear narrow and long.


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All of the above conditions are met perfectly with a mohawk style. If this wasn’t enough mohawk is also a style that is very much compatible with shorter or scantier hair type. This is also the exact hair type of Cristiano Ronaldo. This makes a mohawk and its several versions the perfect look for Cristiano Ronaldo.


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Ronaldo And Mohawk!
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Ronaldo And Mohawk!
This style has been popularized by Ronaldo and here we will break down why he loved this look so much!
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