Hair Brush Hacks For Men With Thick Hair – Men’s Hairstyle 2020

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Hair Brush Hacks For Men With Thick Hair.

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Hair Brush Hacks For Men With Thick Hair!

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Hair brush is far more relevant for men that love volume in their hair than any other hair product. this is because this product actually works like magic. You can instantly get the bouncy hair without using hair spray, teasing or any other hair product. All you need to do is wash your hair and own a nice warm hair dryer.

Now this works best for longer hair or men with shorter hair but a pompadour or Mohawk like crown! So you will start with wet hair and just gently comb it down like routine. Next you will bend over and use your hair brush in a motion that starts at the nape of your neck and combs your hair downwards or towards your face. Alongside this motion, use a hairdryer and set it at warm first then cool.

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This method of drying will give you a very strong volume and bounce. Once you are done use your fingers to settle the hair instead of a comb. You can use hair spray if your hair is too unmanageable or it’s a windy day but otherwise you are good to go!

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