5 Short Hairstyles For The Minimalistic Fashion Icons

Best Short Hairstyles Men

1) The short pompadour

The short pompadour is a very neat style for men with short hair. It creates the illusion of dense and luscious hair along with the style and sass of a pompadour. This look is easy to achieve and also very effortless to maintain. It can be combined with a fade for a better style statement.

short pompadour hairstyle for men

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2) Spikes

Spikes are the joyous hairstyle that can elevate your short hair game with much class. It is youthful and also playful. This style is an attention grabber and can enhance your style quotient by several notches.

short spikes with undercut

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3) Slicked back

The slicked back style is the Holy Grail for men with short hair. This hairstyle is designed to suit men with short hair with its classic part or no part and the combed back hair. It is sexy and suave and will go well for all your formal looks!


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4) Faux-hawk

The faux hawk is a style that is inspired by the Mohawk but not in the same proportion. In this case, the style is especially for men with curly to wavy hair and the style is a very short Mohawk combined with undercut for added bonus points in style!

5) Fade/undercut

The side or back fade and undercut are both very neat styles for men with short hair. For the rest you can just run your finger through your hair to arrange it a bit and go off with the casual messy look.

5 Short Hairstyles For The Minimalistic Fashion Icons
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5 Short Hairstyles For The Minimalistic Fashion Icons
These 5 hairstyles will up your fashion game irrespective of the short length because style statement is all about accentuating your best features!
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