Beards bring out the vintage and sophisticated charm of the hipster look and here are the five beards that do it best!

1) Bandholz

Bandholz is your aggressive and strong beard with an equally aggressive handlebar moustache. This combination of man bun with hipster style is truly fire and will bring the house down when combined. This beard is truly as hipster as your hairstyles.

2) Imperial beard

The imperial beard is top notch elegance and suave beard with the perfectly disciplined moustache to go with it. this beard combined with the ever so suave hipster styles is all you need to hit the sweet spot of rugged and masculine fashion!

3) The Van Dyke

The Van dyke is truly one of the most vintage beard style with a strong history. this style is the most apt beard to go with the hipster hairstyles. It will truly suit all and any of your hipster hairstyles.

4) Goatee and extended goatee

The goatee style is as old in the fashion game as your hipster looks. It helps throw the focus on your hairstyle and truly compliments it the right way. This style is also easy to maintain and manage.

5) The Verdi

Finally we come to the Verdi style. This beard is sexy and classy. It will suit all hipster styles from the man bun and mane to the slick back styles because it is a versatile, elegant yet aggressive and rugged style.

This post was published on November 18, 2019 6:07 am