There are several male icons that opt for mane style and there are a select few that pull it off so effortlessly that we must credit this with this look and they will forever be associated with this style statement.

Let us begin with Chris Hemsworth. As Thor he has surely created this iconic style and has made the main popular as well as brought this look back to mainstream. He can pull off the mane style like no other and can really influence you into trying this look!

Johnny Depp is yet another character that enjoys the mane. He often pairs it off with a hat which surely does wonders to his look. It is amazing how a simple accessory can completely amp up your style statement!

We cannot possibly talk about a mane and ignore Jared Leto. Often praised for an outstanding sense of style and a charisma, jared leto sure knows how to pull off this style in the most ruggedly handsome manner possible.

This post was published on August 19, 2019 9:40 am