3 Hair Brush Hacks For Men To Get The Perfect Look

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Hair brush is surely an important and irreplaceable part of your grooming kit but surely most men are not aware of the uses of the hair brush apart from just the basic hair brushing!

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1) Hair brush is a way better option to spread any hair product evenly on your hair as compared to a comb. It also causes much less breakage. So it is always advisable to use the hair brush to spread any product.

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2) To clean the hair brush is a task. Well this can be simplified if you just spend a minute extra each day. Just remove any hair in your brush on a daily basis and dip it in warm water for cleaning. once a week use tissue edges or towel edges to just rub against the bristles and get rid of the gunk that got stuck in between.

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3) Use a hair brush for back combing instead of a comb and you can get more volume without teasing your hair. Just look down and comb from the nape of your neck to the crown after a nice hair bath and let your hair dry in the same manner. If you use a hair dryer, again use the same technique and direction. When you are done, you will have volume like no other. If you have unmanageable hair, it is always advisable to use the hair dryer as you brush your hair.

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The Perfect Hairbrush And Some Hair Hacks
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The Perfect Hairbrush And Some Hair Hacks
Hairbrush can help you get some really neat looks and here are the hacks to achieve these looks!
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