Everything You Need To Know About The Barber’s Scissors


Barbers scissors are always this particular shiny silver scissors with sharp edges but blunt corners. The purpose of the silver is to provide a clear distinction between the scissors and the hair no matter what color your hair is. So you can even have silver hair and still the scissor will be very well visible. So this is the color you are going for.

shiny sharp silver scissor

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Secondly, this scissor is usually medium sized. Men find shorter or smaller scissors more comfortable to use when it is to be used on your own self and that is the right choice. Barbers use scissors on others and so a longer one is more convenient.


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Another important aspect is to wipe the scissor clean after every cut. Because it is metal it can catch rust so do not dip it in water. Use a wet cloth or tissue first to wipe it clean and then a dry cloth to wipe it dry. You can even use tissue to soak the water.


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