Let us just begin by addressing to the fact that curls have been brought back to fashion by Ned Stark’s bastard son Jon Snow. His beautiful and soulful yet absolutely effortless curly hair is the charm of the show and that has brought back curls to the runways. His style is surprisingly very simple and basic with just a grown out curly layered look but the charisma lies with the fact that curls had been pushed out of the fashion grid until recently when people fell in love with the character. Orlando Bloom also often pulls off this style with absolute grace.

Justin timberlake’s trimmed side with fauxhawk is a short curly hairstyle for men who do not enjoy or aren’t blessed with thick curls. This style is very basic. You can trim the sides on your own as well and as for the fauxhawk all you need is some hair gel to lift up the center. It is easy to manage and pull off as well. This style essentially accentuate the bone structure so if you have a diamond or oval face, you should definitely try this style. Make sure you consult a barber for the first time, later you can maintain it by yourself.

The trimmed sides style is one of the best looks for men with curly hair. Men with curls are often nervous about trying out funky looks or styles that comprise of different hair lengths because it is difficult to manage the uneven curls. However this is a style worth all the effort. The sides should be trimmed down and the top will be the show stopper. This style does require efforts but the final look is one to die for.

This post was published on September 18, 2019 8:49 am