The Half Ponytail – The Charming & Sexy Hairstyle

Half Ponytail Hairstyles For Men
Half Ponytail Hairstyle For Men In 2019!

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The Half Ponytail – The Charming & Sexy Hairstyle

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The half ponytail is the charmer. It is the most charming and sexy style statement of all the variations of ponytails there exist. This style is seductive and popular. It is also one of the romantic hairstyles and a style popular amongst college students.

This look is very simple to maintain. And to get the look is also effortless. You just need to create a half ponytail and tie it with a rubber band. the rest of your hair will be left open. Thus in this case it is very important to carry along a comb. You can also use hair spray or hair gel but the same is not really required. this is a casual style and is compatible with any hair type be it straight, curly or wavy. You do require long hair for this look but need not be too long as well.


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This style has a celeb status and many actors opt for this look. It is also a popular one because men with short as well as long hair can opt for it. You hair should extend beyond the nape of your neck and you are ready for this style! This look is extra charming with a nice rugged beard!

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