4 Celebrity Romantic Hairstyle To Make Women Head Over Heels For You!

best celeb romantic hairstyles
4 Celebrity Romantic Hairstyle For Men
Celebrity Romantic Hairstyle To Make Women Head Over Heels For You!

So romantic looks are the ones inspired by celebrities. While in general this look is the one that a celeb pulled off in a romantic movie that became iconic, another option is just a general look book of celebs that love to be a part of romantic movies. However in this blog we focus only on the celebs!

Celebrity Romantic Hairstyle To Make Women Head Over Heels For You.
4 Celebrity Romantic Hairstyle To Make Women Head Over Heels For You!

1. Ryan Gosling from the notebook is the ultimate iconic hairstyle for men that is charismatic charming and absolutely perfect. This look is not only iconic but outright sexy and charming. You cannot really go wrong with this look but surely it can be pulled off in straight thick hair. You can even make it work for wavy hair but you won’t get the look for curly hair. This is a casual college guy look and this is the one you should opt for!

the notebook Ryan Gosling

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2.Leonardo Di Caprio in the titanic is also very obviously in this list. This is a style for men with straight hair only. It is sexy and smooth. This look is elegant and romantic but also one of the most popular style option to go along with your formal attire!


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3. Richard Gere in pretty woman is a beautiful salt and pepper look with a smooth business edge. This look is for the men that have to balance the professional life with personal but also have mildly curly or thickly wavy hair. This look is short and sexy. So it is ideal for an after college look when you have to get in a more serious world. Tom hanks in you’ve got mail is the straight hair version for this look!


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4. There cannot be a romantic movie discussion without noting hill. Hugh grant in the noting hill is an iconic style statement and while he pulled it off effortlessly, this look is for a bit more casual style so will work wonders in college or a casual office lifestyle.

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What Are The Celebrity Romantic Hairstyle Looks?
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