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Spikes With Fade – Here Is Why You Should Give This Look A Spin!

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Spikes is a trend that caught on very quickly and then took over the music industry, movie industry as well as the fashion world and with that we started getting more combination looks to create unique style options for men. That is when the spikes with fade style was created which did catch on the most and is also a very neat look however the best thing about this style is that it gives an option to the older men to opt for the spikes.

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The fade creates a strong base for the spikes. In this case the fade is side fade and the back is trimmed short. This creates a mature and cool look and the rest of your hair is spiked up evenly. This look is cool and trendy but also smart and mature. It requires good amount of skill and also maintenance for the length of hair to keep the fade consistent as well as the back trimmed. But the look is absolutely worth it!

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Spikes With Fade
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Spikes With Fade
The style statement that has taken the world by a storm is spikes with undercut. The alternate option is fade and here is why you should give this look a spin!
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