Hair comb is a must have tool for every budding barber! Whether you prefer scissors, trimmers or both, you need the perfect Hair Comb to guide you in the process. It is impossible to identify the perfect line of trim or snip without the comb and thus we are here to help you find the best combs there is!

Firstly, you need a tail comb. A tail comb is the one with a thin stick like bottom. This helps part hair comfortably and is really helpful to trim layers. Also this is the professional comb for trimming. Once you find the tail comb, make sure the bristles or the comb teeth and narrow and close. The fat teeth combs are absolutely useless when it comes to trimming because your hair will escape and you will end up with a really horrible style.

Next, you need a comb that is a different shade from your hair. This is to ensure that you snip the right hair and get all of it. Do not leave room for any mistakes. This is a very important and also the most ignored step!

Finally, make sure you wash your comb clean after every use. You do not want snipped hair or trimmed hair all over your comb. It is unhygienic and disgusting.

This post was published on April 19, 2019 5:44 am