The Scissors Guide For Men To Do Haircuts At Home!

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Let us begin with the basics. Your scissors should be silver. This is a very important requirement because a silver pair of scissors is visible very sharply despite your hair color. So you can opt for practically any hair color and the silver scissor will always be clearly visible. This is the reason why barbers and hair dressers tend to opt for silver scissor!


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Another basic tip is to use this tip in a slant angle. The angular position helps get a better style and more sharp cut but is also much more convenient to get the shape you want when the scissors are slant. If you are trimming you hair you will realize that this angle is perfect for the right snip.


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You absolutely need a comb to go with your scissors. This will be a narrow toothed basic comb that is always by your scissor. The comb helps get the precision.

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The Scissor Guide For Haircuts At Home!
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The Scissor Guide For Haircuts At Home!
Haircuts are complicated and should always be done professionally but this is an at home guide to help you with the trimming and upkeep.
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