Mohawk with braid is a very interesting style statement for men that does not particularly follow any specific rules. For this look Where are several options for men. However the basic aspects to be kept in mind is that you need a strong hair growth for the style.

The first version that we will start with is the one where in your mohawk is created with the help of a bread instead of a spike. In this look you create a Dutch braid right at the centre of the top of your head and this helps create the mohawk effect. This is so much more preferred option as compared to the Spikes because you absolutely do not require any hair products for the look. This style focuses much more on the skill of creating a braid rather than the use of hair product.

The second option for you is the one which comprises of a basic mohawk style just as you would make it and adding one or more Threads to the rest of the patch of your hair. Which look is basically for the braid lovers that enjoy adding the breads to all of the hair styles.

While both looks are interesting and also popular the one where you use a Dutch braid to create the mohawk is obviously much more sexy and irresistible style statement.

This post was published on June 25, 2019 6:17 am