Pocket comb is the one that you must carry along wherever you go. This is a wonderful habit that needs to be developed because you may need to retouch your hairstyle every now and then all day long. At this stage you cannot possibly borrow a comb because firstly, that is unhygienic and secondly, it’s highly professional!

You need a small palm sized pocket comb with close teeth. You need the one with close teeth because you need to comb your hair out with it and then you can just use your fingers to smoothen out the style a bit. You can also opt for the comb that is half close teeth and half fat teeth. The point is to find one that will be most convenient to your styles and comfort.

This comb has to be washed clean on a daily basis and also it should ideally fit in the wallet because you may lose it from the pocket. But make sure it fits completely inside the wallet and does not pop out every time you grab the wallet!

This post was published on September 2, 2019 5:51 am