Learn How To Use The Hair Gel In Just 5 Steps

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Hair gel is a hack that can be used to style and shape up your hair into any look you wish. This is a very cool product because it stays all day long and can easily make your hair stay in the style you desire.

1) The first thing to do is start with mildly wet hair. This will ensure that your hair gel is not directly in contact with your hair on account of a layer of water over your hair.

2) The next step is to identify the style you are going for and also how you will acquire that style.

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3) Use a comb and your fingers for the styling aspect. Dip two fingers in the product and rub it on our palms then apply it to your hair evenly.  Now use a comb over to get the perfect style and precision.

Styling tips to use hair gel

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4) Make sure you carry around your comb for any touch ups if required and at the end of the day wash your hair and comb for hygiene.

5) The best motion technique is using your fingers to slide your hair backwards from top and sides. then use the comb to get the style you are going for.

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How To Use The Hair Gel?
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How To Use The Hair Gel?
How to efficiently use the hair gel for best results and what are the looks you can master easily?
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