13 Long Spikes Hairstyle To Take Your Long Hair Look To Another Level

Find Out The Best Long Spikes Hairstyle For Men

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Long Spikes Hairstyle To Take Your Long Hair Look To Next Level
Long Spikes Hairstyle For Men In 2019
Long Spikes Hairstyle
Long Spikes Hairstyle To Take Your Long Hair Look To Another Level
Long Spikes Hairstyle For Men

Long spikes are the most popular amongst the spikes family and this is so because the look is very interesting. It does also require a lot of efforts and maintenance. To acquire this look you need to first grow out your hair. The long spikes will be about 2-3 inches long at least and so you really need to grow out your hair.


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The next step is to decide if you want complete spikes or just the front or just a Mohawk and then accordingly style your hair using gel or spray. Keep in mind that this style does require good amount of product to ensure that the hair stay up and so it is expensive plus a bit of an added effort. It is also comparatively expensive because of the requirement of hair products.

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This style is very youthful and not so much of a look for older men but a very charming style for younger guys. It is also a good option when you opt for random spikes. Mostly the long spikes are random rather than well-arranged just for the cool rockstar look.

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